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Ship is a full-stack boilerplate with guidelines to build MVPs in days and scale your product for years.

npx create-ship-app@latest

Save 100+ hours of building

Configuring initial tech stack, architecture, services integration and deployment are the most time-consuming activities for early-stage tech startups. Wrong architectural decisions slow down delivery which blocks the growth of the product and team.

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Launch your product with a single command. Ship is built on top of cutting-edge technology that was live-tested by hundreds of engineers on 100+ live products.

A full-stack product platform

Brewing next

We test new tools to build smaller prototypes for idea-stage startups. Once validated, technologies are integrated into Ship.

Build reliably following opinionated advice

Ship guides teams to build a scalable application that grows from first users to $1M+ MRR.

Always up-to-date

Founding team continuously uses Ship and new technologies on live commercial products with multi-million ARR. Successful prototypes are integrated into Ship.

Here’s how Ship evolves

Ship R&D team constantly researches full-stack frameworks, tools and architectures.


Selected tools and approaches are tested on small prototypes for early-stage startups.


Proven technologies and processes are integrated into Ship and documented.


Ship is used to launch live commercial products. Feedback from the teams is implemented back.

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